Inner Mongolia Randonneurs

Inner Mongolia Randonneurs was founded in 2012 with the goal to bring long distance cycling to the Steppe of Central Asia. Our rides range from 200km to 1400km and beyond and start in Hohhot, the Capital of the Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia. Inner Mongolia Randonneurs is part of China Randonneurs.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Grassland 1400

The "Grassland 1400" will be the first "Grand Randonnee" held in Inner Mongolia / China. The ride will start in Hohhot, the capital of the Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia. From there we will head north to Erenhot at the border to Mongolia and then east to Xilinhot. In Xilinhot riders will turn south to Zhengxiangbaiqi and then return to Hohhot via Chahar. The ride will be a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and mystique of Inner Mongolia. The ride will take us through the vast grasslands once roamed by the great Khans and the Golden Horde. There will be very limited support. For information, contact Lothar Hennighausen.